Republicans love to laugh and mock Vice President Joe Biden for his gaffe-prone, off-the-cuff remarks. But while the the GOP sound machine uses Biden as their familiar whipping boy, they have consistently shown themselves deaf, dumb and blind to the truly outrageous behavior, beliefs and blustering by their own high profile politicians. But a funny thing happened on John Kasich and Mary Taylor this week on their widely anticipated cake walk to a second term.

John Kasich, who has his own long history with foot-in-mouth disease, and Mary Taylor, his “wicked smart” running mate, have done everything they can to convince Buckeye voters they deserve more time to prove how good and brilliant their policies and programs really are, including outright lying about their terrible first-term in office and the long-term damage they have done to Ohio’s middle class.

Kasich and Taylor campaigned for Mitt Romney two years ago in what turned out to be a futile effort to convince Ohioans they should vote for the Gorden Gecko capitalist who earned most of his fortune through a couple deals that netted him 50 times his puny equity investment, all at the expense of workers he fired from companies he bought and resold. This week, while busily campaigning for themselves, the team had a serious brain-mouth malfunction.

“We don’t work for you, you work for us,” Taylor was caught saying to a select audience assembled by Team Kasich in Columbiana County. A gaffe, to be sure, and one Democrats have been quick to capitalize on, saying it shows what the dynamic duo really think about their own entitlements in office.

Taylor’s gaffe is a small, and much-needed gift to Democrats. And she put into words what many believe is the real mindset of a team that has skirted debating their Democrat counterparts this year, claiming they have better ways to communicate with voters.

Taylor passed on running against Ohio’s senior U.S. Senator in 2012, enabling state treasurer Josh Mandel to go down in flames instead of her. And some see Taylor as next in line to be governor should the Westerville Wizard find his way onto the GOP 2016 ticket as either the chosen one or the chosen ones understudy. Should she choose this path, Taylor will have more than a simple stumble in a campaign speech standing in her way.

Taylor has been confronted with not showing up for work, for improperly using the state plane and for not effectively overseeing two now-fired staffers who were accused of doing partisan political work on state time. A CPA by training, Taylor should know that details matter. And in life, like in accounting, specifics are important to accuracy. A slip of the tongue happens to us all now and again. But Republicans offer no quarter to VPOTUS Biden when he slips up, so it’s only fair play the we cut Taylor no slack when she so tellingly fumbles her words.

  • missskeptic

    Mary Taylor is wicked-smart? He’s half right.

  • dmoore2222

    You got it.

  • dmoore2222

    For Frackin John to “find his way on to the GOP ticket in 2016” he first has to win this election, and that hasn’t happened yet. I’m sure Eric Cantor had his big dream of being Speaker of the House until he was upset by a no name candidate with no money. If democrats just show up at the polls this time, regardless of what Fitz does over the next few weeks, John can go frackin all he wants and Mary will be a practicing CPA again.

  • youbigdummy

    As a former Buckeye, it saddened me and perplexed me as to how anyone who knew about Kascihs less than stellar career as a congressional rat would be voted in.
    If he gets in a second time, I have to say, Ohioans have brought the destruction and neglect on themselves.

  • dmoore2222

    Unfortunately, Ohioans, like the rest of the country, want a quick fix for things. And when the national economy tanked, thanks to two multi-trillion dollar wars and reckless republican economic policies, Ohioans wanted a change without thinking about this stiff’s past. Add to that a very poor showing of democrats at the polls that basically gave the election away. Kasich cannot talk about his accomplishments nor will he engage in debates with his opponent, which should be a huge red flag for voters.

    Personally I think most everyone made their minds up long ago and turnout will be the deciding factor. Dems turn out, Frakin John loses and he knows it.

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