Huffmaster Inc. markets itself as “the leading provider of strike management solutions” in the nation.  You may remember them as the company that raked in over a million dollars from the Strongsville school system last year during their teacher strike.  Those fees included a “$48,000 hotel bill” for the replacement teachers, and  “more than $47,000 in rented vehicles, $50,000 in flight reimbursements and $12,000 in gas and mileage payments,” according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

The Reynoldsburg school system, currently embroiled in its own labor dispute, is now one of Huffmaster’s newest clients.  And they are well on their way to eclipsing Strongsville’s numbers, having spent nearly $400K with Huffmaster on only the first day of the strike!  That adds up to WAY more than the typical $100K the school system would typically pay teachers in salary for the same time period.  And we haven’t even started talking about flights or hotel rooms yet!

But it’s not just the bused-in teachers working as “replacement employees,” the school system is also contracting with Huddmaster for expensive “strike management” consultants who are billing more per hour than the school superintendent.   Huffmaster is also providing private “strike security” guards.

And what exactly are Reynoldburg Schools and Huffmaster using all these security personnel for?

A video released yesterday by NBC4 provides the answer: to intimidate local parents, children and TV film crews and to prevent them from sharing the truth.

The video, included below, shows the Huffmaster security guard telling the news crew and the family that they need to leave, eventually stepping in between the camera and the family when they ignore him and continue the interview.  The security guard claims the police have been called, but NBC4 confirmed that no call was actually made.


NBC4: Columbus, Ohio News, Weather, and Sports (WCMH-TV)