There’s plenty of money to be made by Huffmaster Crisis Response, LLC., by prolonging the teachers strike in Reynoldsburg.  That’s money that Reynoldsburg taxpayers had intended to be used to educate their children, but is instead being directed primarily toward strike management operations, especially security.  And this begs the question – who’s truly running the school district right now?

Superintendent Tina Thomas-Manning was hired in January to a three-year contract with a base pay of $157,500.  She has some other perks such as a $10,000 annuity and a $7,800 allowance for automobile, communications and other expenses, but let’s just focus on her base pay at the moment.

At $157,500, she was the highest-paid employee in the district.  Since the superintendency is a 24/7 job (now more than ever) that breaks down to $431.51 per day for the 365 days a year she is working.  (For “weekdays only”, the rate is $605.77.)

The school board’s contracts with Huffmaster contain some amazing figures that show that Thomas-Manning is no longer the top dog in Reynoldsburg.  She is now outranked by the following Huffmaster consultants:

  1. Woodie Goodnight, Contingency Planning – $800 per day (plus expenses; all expenses invoiced at actual cost)
  2. Mr. Green [that’s what the contract says], Strike Coordination & Implementation of School Day operations – $500 per day plus $50 per diem = $550/day
  3. Mrs. Green, Strike Coordination & Implementation of School Day operations – $500 per day plus $50 per diem = $550/day
  4. Security Personnel Senior Account Manager – $800 per day (plus expenses; all expenses invoiced at actual cost)
  5. Security Site Coordinator – $45/hour, minimum 12-hour day + $45 per diem = $585/day (plus single occupancy room)
  6. (5) Security Supervisors – $34.50/hour, 12-hour day + $45 per diem = $459/day (plus single occupancy room)
  7. (8) Security Documentation Team Members – $61/hour (8-hour day?) + $45 per diem = $533/day (plus lodging)

As we mentioned before, we did not include Thomas-Manning’s annual perks of $17,800 so that we could compare just the base daily pay of these individuals.  We’re guessing the Huffmaster employees aren’t staying at your local Motel 6 (they’ll leave the light on for you), but even if we assume every Huffmaster has found a room for only $99/night, that would be a housing allowance of $36,135, over twice the amount of the perks for the superintendent!

In  our experience, the organization chart for companies typically have the highest-paid employees at the top.  It now appears that Tina Thomas-Manning has fallen down to #19 and Huffmaster is now clearly running the show.

Wonder if she’ll wear her new employee number taped on an orange shirt to school tomorrow…


  • Natalie

    There are no words…

  • Tom A. Traut

    It would be interesting to know how much Huffmaster and the legal firm, Pebbles and Wagner, have profited off of strikes they have been “involved” in over the years. 1977 and 1991 in a district I taught in they were very much on the scene as in many others in the state.

  • How much money is ECOT making for supplying the computers and online lessons? These FOKs (friends of Kasich) are making a profit off the education of students. This all makes me sick! Is this the education plan that Kasich will reveal if he is re-elected—-online schools for everyone?

  • john curry

    This breakdown should be sent to every taxpayer in the Reynoldsburg School System!

  • Joe

    The teachers need to get back to work. Why are they getting no blame? They walked off the job and left the students to suffer. This is America. If you don’t like your job, find another one. Many teachers from the district did. Why hold the kids as hostages for your own benefit? Please don’t say you are doing this for the kids. That’s a load of garbage. The teachers are doing it for their own selfish reasons. The majority of Reynoldsburg residents are NOT on the teacher’s side. The loud minority just makes it seem that way.

  • Bob M

    So in your America the correct action is to give up and walk away from issues?

    In the America I grew up in we fixed what was broken and fought for what we believed in.

  • lookingallaroundme

    I’ve found that when negotiating with Pepple, making sense is rather useless, but it is fun to talk about vodka as much as possible. He gets twitch depending on what stage of the wagon he is on( or off).

  • anastasjoy

    The teachers are perhaps the ONLY ones who really on the kids’ side, at least in the education system. The kids aren’t hostages; the teachers are hostages being asked to put their kids into a meat grinder of worthless “education” reform, and refusing to do so. The problem is that a lot of teachers ARE fed up and looking for other jobs — and they are often the best teachers, the ones who care the most and are frustrated that they can’t do their best to make a difference. Meanwhile, we are demanding higher “standards” for teachers, an “excellent” teacher in every classroom and recruiting future teachers from among the most talented students — all both laughable and impossible. If the “reformers” meant it, Scab for America would be put out of business immediately.

  • Joe

    I fought for this country and I don’t think walking off the job is fighting for anything. I guess the teachers who left the district are considered quitters and losers in your mind. Quit whining and get back to work and show the kids what a good example is instead of throwing tantrums and dressing people up in orange prison garb. That’s really setting a good example. Shameful.

  • Retrofuturistic

    Privatized unregulated online schools: A great deal for the owners. No need to discipline students, no cafeteria, no buses, no HVAC, cheap “teachers”, no extra-curriculars, no textbooks, no nurses or guidance counselors, no janitors, no dances, no sports, no germs. In other words, low overhead, so the “bosses” get to keep more of the money, while providing fewer services.

  • Retrofuturistic

    Well said.

  • Natalie


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