This Sunday the Columbus Dispatch, which touts itself (despite decades of proof otherwise) as “Ohio’s Greatest Home Newspaper,” ran a terribly myopic, partisan and intentionally misleading editorial endorsement of Gov. John Kasich that bordered on journalistic and editorial malpractice.

The Columbus newspaper is owned and operated by powerful Republicans whose media empire routinely goes to bat for business, especially local Titans like The Limited, Nationwide, Worthington Industries and dozens of others, as well as carrying water for GOP politicians like Kasich.   For this, the paper has clearly earned it’s nickname, The Columbus Disgrace

The Disgrace didn’t have to run this cheap shot editorial five weeks before Election Day, as it’s coverage of one of the worst governors in state history has shown from 2010 that it would dutifully back, promote and defend the hard-right actions of a former Fox News showman and Lehman Brothers Wall Street banker, who pushed through the biggest spending bills in state history, at the expense of local governments, police, firemen, school districts and teachers who were repeatedly plundered to steal from Peter to pay Paul. Kasich maybe knows from his Bible study days that Paul was a rich man who gave his wealth away when he found Jesus. Kasich’s Pauls have done nothing of the kind. They stand with him because they know they will be enriched while others are made poorer. I don’t think the Lord looks kindly on flim-flam men like Ohio’s political Music Man, John R. Kasich.

Kasich had the luck of the Croatians when he came into office. With a GOP legislature drunk on Tea Party zeal from the 2010 election wave behind him, he was able to get all he wanted, which often came through threats and sketchy political promises. The Dispatch editorial failed to mention the FBI investigation of his brazen, bare-knuckled coupe to gain control of the Republican Party’s Central Committee.   Kasich’s successful campaign to control the committee resulted in the ouster of chairman Kevin DeWine, who oversaw the GOP sweep of statewide offices (including his own) in 2010, and the installation of Kasich-loyalist and confessed influence peddler Matt Borges, who was convicted of misuse of a public office for selling state contracts to unqualified hucksters.  Borges, the governor said, deserved a second chance. Not so for Kevin DeWine.

The Disgrace’s sunday editorial was nearly a word-for-word repetition of convenient but false talking points John Kasich has thrown out to Ohio media outlets, who chase them without ever testing the real truth behind them. Most statehouse media act like dogs chasing a stick, they run after and repeat whatever Kasich communicators spew on any given day. And the Columbus Disgrace is a major contributor to the aura that shines around John Kasich’s head like a halo gone bad.

  • jr6020

    I was curious too why the CD is making this endorsement in Sep; weeks before the general. They have never done that before. Either they want to help steamroll JK into a 30 point win or maybe they’re a bit worried JK may not be such a sure thing after all?

  • missskeptic

    The Dispatch is drooling over Kasich for turning Ohio around – glad to see that “news”paper finally agrees with 61% of Ohio – we didn’t need SB 5 at all for an economic miracle!

  • DublinIrishBob

    They ran it five weeks early because their circulation keeps dropping. It was smart move by them, making sure that more people would be able to read it.

  • Mike Evans

    I suspect that the editorial board at the Disgrace is planning on spending the weeks leading up to the election trying to rally its readers to vote for Republicans further down the ticket, like Mandel, Husted, and Dewine, since they feel those races are more competitive. They just needed to get the formality out of endorsing Kasich out of the way first.

  • dmoore2222

    I think they ARE worried. I don’t buy the bs that Frackin John is going to steam roll anyone. This crappy endorsement along with the epitaph they’ve already written for Fitzgerald isn’t convincing anyone who hasn’t already drank the republican kool aid. People pretty much made their minds up over three years ago how they were going to vote this November. I don’t see anything this nitwit has done, or not done, that would change that. Wasn’t the Romney political machine convinced he was going to win right up to late election night? They’ve got to be thinking ‘hey, we won with less than 50% of the vote the first time around then alienated some of the largest voting blocks in the state (teachers, police, firemen, and public workers in general) with SB5/Issue 2. What if we now lose to a guy we declared politically dead months ago?’ Wouldn’t that be hilarious to see this egotistical chump totally humiliated in that way? Even a close win would be a huge embarrassment.

  • Retrofuturistic

    “Frackin’ John”. Good one.

  • Retrofuturistic

    I have two friends, both intelligent and educated people, who still read the Dis-grace as though it were gospel. Arrrgh. If something isn’t in the Dispatch or one the “mainstream media”, they won’t believe it. Amazing. And I can’t get them to think otherwise.

  • anastasjoy

    I’m sure the Cleveland Plainly Repubican’s will be just as terrible. There really aren’t any real reasons you can point to for Kasich to be reelected. While the ORP coup is interesting, voters are more impacted by his reckless spending, his increased taxes on ordinary people to give the rich a tax break, his cuts to education and local governments, his attacks on women’s reproductive rights signed like the yellow-bellied coward he is late on a Sunday evening, his assault on labor rights, his destruction of our environment along with potentially tens of thousands of jobs with his freeze on renewable energy standards, his secrecy surrounding the failed JobsOhio which is most likely brewing a corruption scandal even now, the terrible job creation record, the irresponsible refusal of free money for passenger rail which, as driving declines, looks more and more like the wave of the future… need I go on? OK, he expanded Medicaid. One good thing. And Republicans hate that one thing.

  • anastasjoy

    They won’t endorse Mandel; I don’t think he’s made a case that he’s rehabbed himself that much. But they will lavish wet kisses on Husted and DeWine.

  • anastasjoy

    You think circ will drop that much in five weeks? Are you working on making that happen? I’m working to make it happen for the Plainly Republican. There’s going to be a wave of unsubscribes if, excuse me, WHEN they endorse Kasich.

  • anastasjoy

    Oh, sorry, I forgot fracking in my litany of terrible things he has done to the state. It’s so hard to remember them all. If a Democrat had done any ONE of those things, they’d be declaring him unelectable.

  • wetsu

    Good points.

    It remains to be seen whether the people of Ohio are indeed stupid enough in large numbers so as to re-elect this clear failure. I was a long-time republican who owes a debt of gratitude to Boehner and Kasich for helping me see the light.

    No debates because he knows he cannot run on his record. I maintain that they are sweating it out and directing their media priests to make it look like a runaway in order to convince dems to stay home. We’ll see.

  • dmoore2222


  • dmoore2222

    Look. If the Columbus Dispicable was a true newspaper, with real reporters who ask penetrating questions and all, they would be ALL OVER Frackin John for not debating his opponent. It’s inexcusable for a news organization to sit by and not make an accountability issue out of this. They sure cherry picked the Columbus City Schools on accountability. Why not this stiff who has created a dark money hole with JobsOhio? If you heard a rumor that everyone at JobsOhio was working for a dollar a year, how would you ever know if it’s true or not? No matter how preposterous that might sound, the point is, we’ll never know. Or maybe it’s more likely they’re working for a dollar a year plus a $999,999 bonus for all those jobs they’re creating.

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