This is what happens, America, when one of our two viable political parties makes its raison d’être the abject vandalism of our self-government. This is what happens when the conversation starts at crazy, zooms through madness, and comes screeching in at full-on, batshit insane. This is the game where facts don’t matter, and consequences be damned.

“Cancer survivors, their relatives, physicians and supporters will fan across Capitol Hill today to urge Congress to do something it has no intention of doing right now: Providing substantially more money for cancer research, including clinical trials of promising drugs and treatments,” reports Stephen Koff, Washington bureau chief for the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

How long, great Vishnu, how long must we endure? Every year, the hacks strap up in their favorite shitkickin’ boots and stomp manure through the Congressional budget process. Every year, everyday Americans get flicked by the flying feces. It’s a biomedical hazard. I worry over infection.

‘Twas just under a year ago when that miserable git Texas Ted Cruz convinced the GOP to run an extortion scheme on the entire country, shutting down government while demanding the repeal of a law that has now provided affordable health insurance to over 10 million Americans. That 16-day boneheaded stunt cost the country at least $24 billion.

Time was, I kept folders on each issue, attempting to track that damage wrought upon our everyday lives by the nihilistic horde of screaming banshees chasing government services through the halls of power like Jack Torrence with his axe through the Overlook. Time, it was, I lacked, as the folders filled quickly.

We don’t have budgets any more in America, we have a series of continuing resolutions, and this makes things downright torturous for just about everybody except, apparently, the demented vandals themselves.

The Dealer reports that funding for the National Institutes of Health, measured for inflation, has seen a $6 billion drop since 2003, 0r 22 percent. In 2012, “automatic budget cuts from an earlier congressional budget deal forced nearly every department to take a trim.”

And this, from Dr. Stanton Gerson, director of the Case Western Reserve Comprehensive Cancer Center:

“The number of clinical trials that the National Cancer Institute is supporting has gone down almost 30 percent. So there are less people able to participate in new treatments, which is slowing down the ability of those treatments to be approved.”

Real world suffering, pain and deaths are being caused as a result of cruel political gamesmanship taking place on many fronts in America’s great policy debate these days, not just cancer research. This is just the latest case study in how the demented vandals are causing needless harm to many everyday Americans via their callous ideological myopia.

And remember, their leader is none other than Ohio’s own U.S. Rep. John Boehner, R-West Chester, and in addition to him our state can count another 11 in their ranks, sitting smugly comfortable in gerrymandered districts.

But what really needs to put the campaign combustible in all of our chinos is the drool hanging off their chins as they eyeball control over the U.S. Senate this November.

David DeWitt is a journalist and universal minister based out of Athens, Ohio. He can be found on Twitter @TheRevDeWitt.