Terry Casey on The Spectrum

Each week Terry Casey gets quoted in the papers and appears on local political talk shows promoting John Kasich and GOP policies without disclosing that he works for John Kasich as a Kasich-appointed state board member, or that he is paid tens of thousands of dollars each year by Ohio Republican organizations.  Can we get some disclosure here, people?

Just today, 10TV quoted Casey attacking Ed FitzGerald.  And this past weekend, Casey was a guest on the local political show the Spectrum on NBC 4 defending Mike DeWine’s handling of the shooting case in Beavercreak.  In both cases Casey was simply identified as a “Republican Strategist” with no mention of that he is paid nearly $67,000 a year as the Kasich-appointed Chair of the State Personnel Board of Review or that he runs a consulting company raking in big bucks from Ohio Republican Committees.

According to his financial disclosure statements for 2013, Casey’s state income was supplemented by consulting and research fees paid by the Ohio Republican Party, the Summit County Republican Party and by his consulting firm, Terry Casey Communications.

According to the Ohio Secretary of State, Terry Casey Communications has been paid over $55,000 in the past three years by:

Kasich Taylor For Ohio (Republican Governor) $4,200.00
David Yost (Ohio Auditor) $2,500.00
Friends For Allen Landis (Republican State Rep) $5,343.22
Committee For Jim Hughes (Republican State Senator) $3,175.00
Summit County Republican Central Committee State Candidate Fund $4,000.00
Ohio House Republican Organizational Committee $26,584.57
Ohio Republican State Central And Executive Committee State $6,000.00
Protect Your Vote Ohio $3,500.00

That last one, Protect Your Vote Ohio, you may remember as the shady, Republican-funded group formed to kill the anti-gerrymandering Voters First ballot measure.

Terry Casey very well may be a “Republican Strategist,” but he is also a John Kasich appointee and a well-paid consultant.  And yet, multiple times per week, the media is consistently using Casey to provide commentary on the actions and policies of his clients and the committees or their opponents without ever disclosing anything about who is paying him.

If you knew Terry Casey was a paid consultant who worked for the Kasich Campaign, and you knew he was paid $66K a year as a Kasich appointee and you knew he was paid over $55K by Ohio GOP committees for consulting services, and THEN you read about Casey criticizing Kasich’s opponent Ed FitzGerald, wouldn’t you judge those comments a little differently?  I know I would.