This past July, Mike DeWine’s campaign tried to win the Ohio FOP endorsement by distributing fliers at the FOP state convention.  Their plan: distract FOP delegates away from DeWine’s support of SB5 by attacking DeWine’s opponent David Pepper.  The fliers used images of actors portraying police officers; images obtained through online clip art provider iStock.

FOP delegates were not impressed.  And some, I assume, were rightfully offended by DeWine’s use of images of actors dressed up as police officers on campaign literature aimed at law enforcement professionals.

DeWine’s opponent David Pepper received the endorsement with over two thirds of the vote.

Sadly, it seems DeWine did not learn his lesson.  And it appears DeWine’s staff at his campaign and his staff at the AG’s office both share a penchant for clip art cops.

This week, DeWine’s office sent out an official email aimed at law enforcement officers in Ohio and… yet again… they chose to use an image of an actor pretending to be a law enforcement officer.

We’ve included an image of the Law Enforcement Bulletin below.

According to his campaign, Pepper is the first challenger to a sitting AG to be endorsed by the FOP of Ohio in at least 20 years.  David Pepper will be touring the state today with FOP of Ohio President Jay McDonald to discuss the FOP endorsement.



Screen shot of email sent from DeWine’s office