It would be difficult for anyone in Columbus, Ohio to have a serious discussion about our small business community without mentioning Elizabeth Lessner.

Lessner’s Tip Top restaurant helped drive the Gay Street revival downtown.  Ditto for Betty’s and Surly Girl in the Short North.  Don’t forget Dirty Frank’s on Fourth Street.  And don’t even get me started about her “room” empire: the Tiki Room, the Torpedo Room, the Jury Room and, of course, the Chintz Room.

Tonight Ms. Lessner hit the nail on the head with her criticism of Governor John Kasich.   With her permission, we are happy to repost her Facebook comments about Kasich and his impact on Ohio’s small business owners:

Let’s set one thing straight because there’s a lot of misinformation out there:John Kasich is terrible for small Ohio businesses.

1) We were overcharged tens of thousands of dollars by BWC. To date, not one penny has been refunded. I pay 3x more for BWC insurance than I did under Strickland.

2) Every small business received a sharp payroll tax increase this past January because Ohio defaulted on loans. The default costs fell on the backs of small businesses.

3) My restaurants CAT tax rates have QUADRUPLED under Kasich.

4) Sales tax is up an entire point under Kasich.

5) Despite growth within my businesses, hours are decreasing and payrolls are down.

6) Energy costs have skyrocketed, especially in 2013.

If you think Kasich is pro-small business in Ohio, you aren’t talking to actual small businesses.

  • dmoore2222

    Great. I wish more of them were willing to say these things.

  • Susan Riley

    Good for Liz for telling it like it is. Though Liz may not affected by this, but Kasich also took away the Homestead exemption on property taxes for seniors. Only the poorest of the poor can now claim it.

  • Retrofuturistic

    So many people know so many of these things, but still Kasich will win the “election”?

  • SlapFat

    Omitted word in third sentence of second paragraph:

    “And don’t even get me started her “room” empire:”

    I think you intended to put the word “on” in there between “started” and “her” unless I am mistaken. Just helping out, dude.

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