Multiple papers reported today that Mike DeWine has again refused to release surveillance video from the police-involved shooting at a Wal-Mart in Beavercreek, Ohio on August 5th.

Each story discussed known details about the shooting and recent online petitions to release the video of killing of John Crawford III.  But none of the papers bothered to ask the obvious question:  Why is Mike DeWine still involved with this case?

Last week DeWine told the Dayton Daily News that Hamilton County Prosecutor Mark Piepmeier was in charge of the case and his role was “at this point not much.”

And yet, as today’s announcement proves, DeWine continues to be directly involved in the case, despite his deep and direct connections to the Greene County Prosecutor’s Office and his multiple conflicts of interest in the case.

The other obvious question no media outlets are asking?   Where in the world is this Mark Piepmeier???

If the new guy is in charge, why have we heard nothing from Piepmeier?  And why is all the information about the case still coming Mike DeWine?

The shooting occurred over a month ago, so why do we have to wait two more weeks for the grand jury to convene?

John Crawford’s family wants this to move forward.   The officers and their families want this to move forward.   The community wants this to move forward.

But they are all waiting on Piepmeier who, according to sources familiar with the situation, is on vacation somewhere in France.  c’est quoi ce bordel ??

While we all wait anxiously for Piepmeier’s return, DeWine seems to be running the show,  which may explain why he told the Columbus Dispatch the “he will not even consider” pulling out of the case- the exact opposite of what he told the Dayton Daily News on the same day,

As Pepper put it: “Mr. DeWine is causing confusion and dismay in the way he is handling a case that is now in the state and national spotlight.”