The Northeast Ohio Media Group’s Thomas Suddes has laid out what a possible second term of Ohio Gov. John Kasich might look like: No alarms and no surprises, Suddes predicts the Guv will keep on funneling tax dollars toward his rich friends while dancing the Mamushka at the ICU bed of public education.

From Suddes: “Whether Ohio’s (current) taxes discourage business investment in the state is subject to debate. But tax cuts are close to a religious belief for Kasich and Republicans in the General Assembly. And everyone knows Ohio Republicans like religious beliefs so much they try to make them state law.”

Full disclosure, Suddes was a professor of mine at Thee Ohio University, and I’m tickled to see him throw a little snark in there at the end. But his point is serious: Despite 40 years of empirical evidence showing that supply-side economics only leads to stagnant wages for most people and record-breaking wealth and income inequality, this dogma will not be broken.

The logic is pretty simple: If you put money into the hands of people who don’t really need windfall cash, they sock it away, they don’t spend it, the economy doesn’t grow for the average person. Individuals’ bank accounts grow, and bully for them, but the rest of us are left in the tundra without a parka.

If you put money into the hands of people who need it, who need to buy groceries, pay bills, and consume goods and services, the money goes into the economy instead of somebody’s bank account, businesses are well off, they can hire more people, and pay better wages, and then those people have the money they’ve been missing and the cycle continues.

“Kasich is anything but stupid,” Suddes tells us, and that may be true. I wouldn’t use “stupid,” as a descriptive adjective for Kasich, I’d use “disingenuous,” and “manipulative,” and “mendacious,” and “dismissive toward the reality experienced by those who don’t share his socio-economic status.”

After throwing some run-of-the-mill Republican bromides around about “workforce development,” Suddes next tells us, “Given tax cuts Kasich wants, it’s likely that, rather than send local schools more money, net, from Columbus, he’d aim to target aid, based, say, on districts’ performance.”

More money to individuals already well-off. Check.

Condescending “bootstrap” initiative to be able to say, ‘Hey, I tried… a little.’ Check.

More money to school districts already well-off. Check.

Well hot damn, if this doesn’t just change everything! Help those who can help themselves help themselves more at the expense of the helpless. And meanwhile, as Suddes says, Kasich and his aides can pursue their agenda of “landing Kasich somewhere on 2016’s Republican presidential ticket.”

Because as Ohio goes, carried in John Kasich’s handbasket to Mephistopheles’ Bed and Breakfast, so too should go the nation.

David DeWitt is a writer and universal minister based out of Athens, Ohio. He can be found on Twitter @TheRevDeWitt.