Just about a year ago, America found out that Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife had been using funds from their political action committee (PAC) to buy things like “$9,800 in clothing.”  The PAC,  named Opportunity Virginia, became the primary way donors could funnel money to McDonnell after he was elected governor in November of 2009.

After the election, the PAC issued Maureen McDonnell a credit card, which she used to go on big department store shopping sprees.

Interestingly, a guy named D.J. Eckert served as McDonnell’s hand-picked political director for the PAC from January, 2010 through March, 2012 during the time the financial scandals were really underway.

Eckert’s current job?

Campaign Manager for Mike DeWine.

We bring this up because Mr. McDonnell was convicted today in a high-profile bribery case.

Could Mike DeWine be caught in a similar scam?

After all, he has been using campaign contributions to pay back a $2 Million dollar loan he gave to his campaign while directing lucrative state contracts to his biggest donors.

Birds of a feather…

  • Think.

    One can be judged by the company he keeps. John Kasich and his administration seem to surround themselves with questionable characters prone to ethical and/or legal misdeeds.

  • annekarima53

    Nice story, Joseph. But that is all it is. If you have a hand, show it. Otherwise, walk away.

  • Retrofuturistic

    Ha. If the truth ever came out about what goes on behind closed doors in Ohio and other states with Christian Republican governors, there would probably be a lot more people in jail.

  • Otterbien62

    It’s interesting that Mike DeWine has done a very poor job of pushing back on the allegations that he’s broken the law with his pay-to-play scheme.
    Meanwhile, DeWine uses his office to pull a slight of hand by leveling corruption charges against lawmakers all over the state. Anything to keep our eyes off of what he’s doing!
    Some of the things the AG’s office has accused public officials of pale in comparison to DeWine’s multi million dollar scheme. For instance, the sheriff who bought tee shirts with funds that were supposed to be for official usage. DeWine charged the guy with many, many felonies. Then there is the SW Ohio Rep who supposedly money laundered $5K to himself. That’s not plausible because I’ve read media reports that the Rep gave all his campaign contributions to OHROC, unlike DeWine who pays himself back.
    Prosecutors have enormous power, and few, if any oversights. However, it is considered highly unethical for a prosecutor to use their office to level charges for political purposes, and Mike DeWine is guilty of that.
    Like McDonnell’s vitamin pal I wonder if DeWine’s donors have begun squealing on him?

  • 333SAL

    I would like to see a lot more investigative reporting re. “campaign managers” and other campaign staff. I’m getting the idea that they are like lobbyists, moving from one project to another . . . a professional breed of hired shills willing to endorse anyone for a price. I would like to know more about this emerging industry, the major players, where they come from, and how they’re trained. They’ve been in the spotlight lately w/ the failure of the Fitzgerald campaign and other episodes that reveal their workings. Let’s have some more info about this niche enterprise, please!

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