Just about a year ago, America found out that Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife had been using funds from their political action committee (PAC) to buy things like “$9,800 in clothing.”  The PAC,  named Opportunity Virginia, became the primary way donors could funnel money to McDonnell after he was elected governor in November of 2009.

After the election, the PAC issued Maureen McDonnell a credit card, which she used to go on big department store shopping sprees.

Interestingly, a guy named D.J. Eckert served as McDonnell’s hand-picked political director for the PAC from January, 2010 through March, 2012 during the time the financial scandals were really underway.

Eckert’s current job?

Campaign Manager for Mike DeWine.

We bring this up because Mr. McDonnell was convicted today in a high-profile bribery case.

Could Mike DeWine be caught in a similar scam?

After all, he has been using campaign contributions to pay back a $2 Million dollar loan he gave to his campaign while directing lucrative state contracts to his biggest donors.

Birds of a feather…