The Labor Day week end brought us more verbal jujitsu from Gov. Kasich as he followed the yellow brick road to Stamco Industries in Euclid. There was even evidence that his bid for reelection was actually living a double life – one as a candidate and the other as his campaign’s innocent bystander.

As reported by the Plain Dealer, the governor was asked whether he would debate his Democratic opponent, Ed FitzGerald. He pleaded ignorance to the whole scenario. “That’s up to the campaign,” he told the reporter. “They’re involved in all that.”

Up to the campaign? What are we talking about here? Is there a clear line of demarcation between the candidate and the campaign? Never heard a candidate put it quite that way before. Is he merely the hood ornament of the campaign against FitzGerald? Does he deny that gubernatorial candidates are people, too?

On another matter he was asked about the minimum wage and his views on being able to “fire at will” – the term describing employers’ liberty to fire non-union employes.

Keep your eye in these instances on his hula hoop. “Fire at will?” he said, with the hoop spinning at his wiggling midsection. “I don’t know what that is.”

There’s more? Right to work? Not on his agenda. Did President Obama’s rescue of the auto industry help Stamco, which has integrated ties with the auto industry?

“Hey,” he said, the hoop at full speed as others recalled his early reluctance to endorse the idea. “I’m glad it all worked out. Who would not be pleased about it all?”

Another swirling day in the life of the Blue Collar kid who now happily bears the endorsement of the Ohio Manufacturers Assn. if not the blue collars of organized labor after the SB5 debacle. But in fairness, he did issue a boilerplate Labor Day salute to the “achievements of the hardworking men and women of our state and nation”.

Particularly, I assume, those engaged in making hula hoops.