Just as the Republican Zoological Society was approaching manic panic over the depletion of its 672 reasons to blame President Obama for everything from the extinction of dinosaurs to radio static during thunderstorms, along came Bobby Jindal to give them a lift.

The Louisiana governor, one of a widening group of GOP presidential wannabes, did it the new-fashioned way. Inspired by Speaker John Boehner, he is suing the Obama Administration to express his opposition to Common Core . What makes Jindal so jingled is that he had supported the educational standards, as they say, before he was against the plan. You can imagine the shock and dismay of the state education board and Jindal’s personally chosen education superintendent who support Common Core.

Jindal lamely tried to explain his reversal by accusing Obama of meddling in state education. But nothing has really changed since Jindal first endorsed it. But when you are one of the many souls trying to convince the electorate that you are more conservative than all of the others on your side of the aisle, you don’t mind making a damn fool of yourself.

When the word got back to the White House of Jindal’s hijinks in blaming the president, the administration reportedly quickly drew up a plan to blame Republicans for Mitch McConnell.

It’s a start.