From the daily archives: Monday, August 25, 2014

Ohio’s 15th U.S. Congressional District is Picasso-esque in the strangeness of its geometry. It stretches from western Clinton County across the state to eastern Morgan County, but when it gets up north to Franklin County it gets truly weird.

It twists, it turns, it loops back and around, it weaves in and out and around and claws back down just enough to include the home of its elected congressman, U.S. Rep. Steve Stivers, R-Upper Arlington. Ohio’s Fighting Fifteenth, taken alone, looks more like something to be found in a Rorschach Test than a map of U.S. Congressional Districts.

Suffice it […]

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The Reynoldsburg Education Association (REA) released a statement today about the state of their negotiations with the School Board and Administration:

“This is the latest disappointing action taken by the Board. It’s a shame that rather than focus their energies on reaching a fair agreement that addresses reasonable class sizes and unprecedented teacher turnover, the Board chose instead to file a charge against us today. I can only imagine what our district would look like if the Board spent it’s time working with the teachers in the best interest of high quality public education, rather than finding new ways to attack us and negotiate […]

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One one hand, Gov. John R. Kasich never misses a chance to dwell on his compassionate conservatism, because it makes him look human and sympathetic to the less fortunate. One the other hand, policies championed by the former Lehman Brother banker and Fox TV network political talk show host actually push more needy Ohioans into the very shadows the governor uses to camouflage his long-held but misguided beliefs that divide people into those who deserve the few crumbs government is still allowed to give those who need it from those who don’t deserve them.

For even part-time students of […]

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Sean Chichelli, Director of Labor & Human Resources Policy for the Ohio Chamber of Commerce penned an article recently titled “Employers should have a right to know about criminal past of potential employees.” Chichelli said, “In today’s world, if someone is the best candidate for the job, many businesses are willing to consider them whether or not they have a criminal record. However, businesses must maintain their ability to inquire about job candidates’ criminal histories, and to conduct background checks on those candidates.”

Based on the sage advice from Chichelli, questions abound about why the Kasich Administration would hire […]

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