From the daily archives: Sunday, August 24, 2014

Asked recently if JobsOhio has proven its worth, Ohio Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor said, “The numbers speak for themselves.” What she said is true and unfortunate. The numbers for jobs in Ohio do speak for themselves, and what they say is Ohio’s recovery under Taylor and her boss Gov. John R. Kasich, who are asking voters to rehire them again in November, is way too slow, especially for two politicos who promised voters in 2010 that they would turnaround Ohio.

According to new economic analysis performed by George Zeller, one of Ohio’s top data crunchers, Kasich and Taylor have […]

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Ah… the ALS ice bucket challenge. Seems like everyone is doing it. As the name suggests, the challenge involves dumping a “bucket” of ice water over your head to raise awareness of Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

John Kasich took the challenge this week, along with many other Ohioans including Ted Strickland and OCSEA President Chris Mabe.    We’ve included screen shots of these three videos below.   See if you can identify the one that’s not like the others…



Clearly Kasich missed the point.

It’s unclear if Kasich actually donated any money to […]

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Since charter (“community”) schools began in Ohio in 1998, they have continued to increase in number, taking an ever-growing amount of funding away from Ohio’s real community schools – public school districts.  99% of Ohio’s school districts lose state funding to charter schools every year — charters that are grossly underperforming their public school counterparts.

If you want to help stem the tide of charter school expansion in Ohio, it’s important to look at the past.  Look at this chart that shows the number of charter schools in Ohio since 1998.


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