From the daily archives: Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Last week, Governor Kasich announced his plan to combat algae blooms, responsible for the release of the toxin microcystin into the state’s waterways and the recent shutdown of Toledo’s municipal water supplies. The proposed plan combines grants for local water systems, research and support for farmers. Specifically:

Ohio will provide more than $150 million in grants and interest-free loans to help cities fight the kinds of toxic algae that shut down Toledo’s drinking water two weeks ago, the directors of three state agencies announced yesterday. The state also announced that it will spend $1.25 million to help farmers […]

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Even though Gov. Kasich, his Administrative Team and his campaign tout him as a “comeback” governor, a moniker affixed to him and other GOP governors who rose to power in 2010 by the Republican Governors Association, his comeback record, based on an assortment of economic metrics and measures, is far weaker than the average voter understands.

A new study of jobs produced under Gov. Kasich exposes his turnaround story as essentially false, now that job numbers show a majority of the jobs he touts having created don’t pay enough to support a family. Innovation Ohio, a progressive think tank […]

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