From the daily archives: Sunday, August 17, 2014

On December 11, 2001, the Ohio State Board of Education unanimously adopted academic content standards in reading, writing, and mathematics.  This sentence is from the foreward to those standards that changed the educational landscape in Ohio.  Upon the creation of these standards that spelled out learning targets for each grade, Ohio developed grade-level assessments in grades 3-8 along with the Ohio Graduation Tests.  The full foreward is remarkable to read as the debate about Ohio’s future with the Common Core takes center stage again this week.  Some Common Core supporters are wondering what Ohio will do without the new curriculum, leading […]

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Ohio Headline Highlights is a new PBSunday roundup of select news from last week about people, politics and government in Ohio.


Ohio judge to hear arguments in early voting case – A federal judge in Ohio plans to hear arguments on when voters can cast an early ballot in the presidential battleground state, as civil rights groups and voting rights organizations seek to block the changes from being in place this November.

PPP: Competitive Statewide Races— Yes, Even For Governor—Expected In Ohio This Year – Just when first-term incumbent Republican Governor John R. Kasich thought his reelection […]

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Election Day 2014 is now less than 90 days away. Based on prevailing political winds, which have been fueled by lopsided negative coverage of Ed FitzGerald, the party endorsed Democrat to challenge first-term incumbent Republican Gov. John Kasich and a series of polling results that show Kasich holding a lead that swings back and forth between double-digit and single-digit leads, the next governor until 2018 may very well be the same governor who barely won his last race in 2010.

Democrats, especially Ed FitzGerald, have had to fight off a war of words waged against them by the Cleveland Plain Dealer […]

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In what may be the final chance to repeal Common Core in Ohio, Representative Matt Huffman has signed on to fellow Representative Andy Thompson’s latest version of a bill to repeal the curriculum and its associated standardized tests.  Huffman’s inclusion on the bill is of significant importance as he is the Chair of the House Rules and Reference Committee — the committee that typically decides the fate of a bill.  The previous version of the bill to repeal Common Core (House Bill 237) was referred to the House Education Committee where the chairman, Gerald Stebelton, himself a supporter of Common […]

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