Moving Ohio Forward (MOV) is out with a new ad about Mike DeWine and his ever-growing pay to play scandal. The 30 second video, included below, does a great job of explaining and highlighting the problems with DeWine’s decision to hand out lucrative, unbid contracts to lawyers and law firms making obscenely large, and very unusual donations to his campaign coffers.

The video also points out that DeWine’s furious fundraising isn’t just for campaign purposes.  Instead, AG DeWine appears to be actively and aggressively courting fundraisers so that he can pay himself back for the $2 Million loan he personally gave to his campaign in 2010.

DeWine hands out big, no bid contracts to his friends.  In return, they give him campaign contributions which he uses to write himself a check, putting some big bucks “back into his own pocket.”

According to their website “Moving Ohio Forward (MOF) is a newly re-formed coalition of workers, individuals and progressive organizations” that  “aims to educate voters on how the policies of current Ohio statewide office-holders fail to ensure every Ohioan has an opportunity to succeed, and instead benefit the wealthy and well-connected.”

Here’s the video…