Once again, Governor John Kasich has released a campaign video that is purely personal in nature and devoid of any details about his track record as Ohio’s Governor.  Kasich’s latest ad, Purpose, is intended to humanize the Governor and remind us that he’s just a humble, gentle man.

Apparently the Governor doesn’t want to run on his record — and for good reason.  Throughout his term, the Governor has enacted numerous changes at the expense of public education in Ohio.  Not only has he enacted many reforms that have not been adequately funded (if funded at all), he has subsequently “balanced” the state budget by taking money away from local communities.  Stealing money from local communities while requiring that public schools enact new reforms has placed a double-hit on local taxpayers who are having to foot the bill, and Ohio’s children are the victims.

John Kasich is wrong for Ohio.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: It’s not personal, Governor, it’s business.