May we pause for a moment to give thanks to the presence in our midst of comic opera diva Sarah Palin, who brightens each day with cheerful lyrics that sustain us in the rush of awful news from around the world.

Her latest aria, voiced from a truck stop north of Fairbanks, and played quite broadly, told us there is a brighter future for people who work for minimum wages – or less. Reaching a high C, she reminded all of us that such jobs are not lifetime endeavors but rather “stepping stones” to something quite more rewarding. Another controversy happily settled!

Speaking of Palin, whom John McCain assumed would be his light to the end of the tunnel, CNN’s Candy Crowley gave us some flickering gaslight as to why he appears on so many of her programs. Listen to this Crowley gem, class:

“Senator McCain, lots of people, when we have you on, often say, why do you have him on so often. And we say because he answers our questions, because he expresses his views quite clearly.”

Oh? Still unanswered by him is how he dared risk the nation with a daffy woman a heartbeat away from the presidency. Fortunately, the voters didn’t wait for the answer.