In view of the fuss over another questionable appointment by Gov. Kasich – to wit, Rick Hodges as state health director – it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the governor’s creative writers will come up with a new category for guys like Hodges who are absent of qualifying credentials under state law. The statute requires the director to have “significant experience” in the profession. Oh? Hodges was the director of the Ohio Turnpike Commission. Unless your job is remedying potholes, not even close.

But as Plunderbund pointed out, when the kitchen became hot from criticism, his application was altered later to suggest that he was in fact the guy for the job.

It quickly comes to mind that the guv also appointed Ohio Right Life Chief Mike Gonidakis to the state medical board even though Gonidakis had no medical experience. Ah… And Debe Terhar(who is retiring) was named as chair of the Department of Education board, largely because she was not reticent about her Tea Party activism in Southwest Ohio. (She was forced to apologize after posting a website photo of Hitler as President Obama’s equivalent.) And didn’t Bryan Williams resign from the same board after it was learned that he had a conflict of interest as a lobbyist for a group that ran a private charter school?

So if anybody is seeking a new category for appointments, we humbly offer one that will cover a inexhaustible range of sins. Why not call it “the Crony-cles of Kasich?”

It works for me.