Before you do anything else, go follow Central Ohioans Countering Kasich on Twitter and Facebook. These guys are more than just an Ohio PAC whose sole purpose is “stopping the reelection of Governor John Kasich.”  They also make some of the best Kasich-mocking videos we’ve ever seen!


John Kasich


“John Kasucks”


Their latest online ad shows “John Kasucks” reacting to the recent Ohio FOP endorsements.  “I don’t want your idiot endorsement anyway you bunch of idiots,” says the button down shirt, khaki pants wearing “Kasucks” – a clear reference to the speech Kasich gave to a bunch of EPA employees back in 2011 where our governor repeatedly berated Columbus Police Officer Robert Barrett for doing his job.

You can watch all of C.O.C.K. PAC’s videos on their YouTube channel.  We highly recommend the ones we’ve included below…