DeWine_Headshot_SmallYesterday it was revealed that AG Mike DeWine shut down a sexual harassment investigation in his office when the investigation began to focus on his long time friend.    When that same friend, William Schenck, was later arrested for a DUI, DeWine refused to suspend or fire him.

DeWine assigned Schenck, his senior adviser, to the Steubenville rape case.   Months before the case began, DeWine gave immunity to witnesses who admitted to filming and taking photos of the rape in progress, possibly because he and his advisers incorrectly believed the witnesses had no legal requirement to intervene or call authorities.

DeWine then spent months backtracking  from this statement, and his immunity agreements, trying to find ways to turn the trial into a campaign opportunity.

The Sandusky Register has the full story on DeWine’s shutddown of the sexual harassment investigation here.