From the daily archives: Thursday, August 7, 2014

It wasn’t necessarily the big news of the day Thursday, but when the current head of the State Board of Education, Debe Terhar, said she won’t seek re-election to that panel, it likely elicited cheers of joy from a group of education advocates who rallied at the Statehouse today to hold charter schools—and the powerful politicians pushing them like Gov. John Kasich, Department of Education chief Dr. Richard Ross and Terhar—accountable for spending upwards of $1 billion on charter schools whose performance is generally poor compared to public schools, and largely exempted from hundreds of standards public schools […]

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Earlier this week Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine continued his fight against a Federal Judge’s decision to grant John Arthur the right to have his husband’s name appear on his death certificate.  Arthur and  Jim Obergefell, a Cincinnati couple, were legally married in Maryland.   John recently passed away from ALS, but Mike DeWine continues to battle his dying wish in court.

In response,  Freedom to Marry Ohio and other groups held a rally in Cincinnati with Ted Strickland and David Pepper, Mike DeWine’s Democratic opponent for Attorney General.

“Mike DeWine continues to waste his time and our taxpayer dollars on his crusade […]

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Earlier this week over 400,000 people in the Toledo area were left without water when toxins from an algae bloom in Lake Erie poisoned their public water supply.  Yesterday Ohio Attorney General  Mike DeWine vowed to fight a rule from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency intended to protect lakes like Erie from the agricultural runoff that likely caused the problem.

According to Gongwer Ohio, DeWine signed a letter with 14 other state Attorneys General intended to fight the U.S. EPA on a rule that would restore Clean Water Act protections to 60% of Ohio’s waterways that were left without protections […]

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Yesterday it was revealed that AG Mike DeWine shut down a sexual harassment investigation in his office when the investigation began to focus on his long time friend.    When that same friend, William Schenck, was later arrested for a DUI, DeWine refused to suspend or fire him.

DeWine assigned Schenck, his senior adviser, to the Steubenville rape case.   Months before the case began, DeWine gave immunity to witnesses who admitted to filming and taking photos of the rape in progress, possibly because he and his advisers incorrectly believed the witnesses had no legal requirement to intervene or call authorities.


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Ohio Democrats held a rally in Columbus today in support of hosting the 2016 Democratic National Convention in our state’s capital. Ted Strickland’s short speech stole the show.

The former governor welcomed the “contrast” between the recently announced Republican convention in Cleveland, and the Democratic convention, which he predicts will be held in Columbus.  He offered a few important examples…

“Every citizen of our country should have the right to marry the person they love,” said Strickland,  echoing his appearance at Tuesday’s Freedom Ohio rally in support of overturning Ohio’s ban on same sex marriage.

Strickland also touched on important labor issues.  “In order […]

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