Gov. John Kasich’s Democratic challenger, Ed FitzGerald, released his second TV spot on Monday.

Behind in the last Quinnipiac Ohio Poll released last week, FitzGerald is doing slightly better than two months ago in which he trailed the nine-term congressman turned Wall Street banker and Fox News talkshow host by as many as 15 points. The Q-Poll showed Kasich leading FitzGerald 48 percent to 36 percent. In May Kasich held a 50-to-35 percent margin lead in the same poll.  A PPP poll released a few weeks ago showed FitzGerald trailing Kasich by a single point.

This second campaign ad will air on broadcast stations in Cleveland and Columbus and on cable stations statewide contrasting Kasich’s first-term record and priorities with FitzGerald’s agenda focused on working families, growing small business, helping seniors and others Kasich has squeezed to pay for income tax breaks the wealthiest Buckeye earners don’t need.

Claiming the governor’s policies have primarily benefited the wealthy and well-connected at the expense of middle class families, Team FitzGerald hopes to gain traction with voters, a majority of whom less than three months until Election Day on Nov. 4 still need more information about Cuyahoga County’s first elected executive. Hard to fathom, given that Ed FitzGerald has been the anointed Democratic candidate since April of last year.

Transcript from “Working.”

“What’s John Kasich’s way? Tax breaks for the rich and corporations while raising taxes on seniors and the middle class, leaving Ohio near the bottom in job growth. Ed FitzGerald is different. As a former FBI agent, he took on organized crime and fought government corruption in Chicago. As Cuyahoga County Executive, he slashed waste and bureaucracy, saving tax payers millions, creating four times as many jobs as his predecessors. As governor he’ll put the middle class first.”