From the daily archives: Wednesday, August 6, 2014

This past Spring, Ohio House Bill 487 changed the rules surrounding the implementation of Ohio’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee, now requiring 3rd grade students using EdChoice Tuition vouchers to be held to the same standard as their public school peers (i.e., subject to retention in Grade 3 if they don’t attain the required score).  While EdChoice students have been required to participate in Ohio’s standardized testing program, including passing the Ohio Graduation Test in order to earn a high school diploma, many hailed this as a step toward removing the inequities that exist in Ohio law.

Supporters of this change […]

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Gov. John Kasich’s Democratic challenger, Ed FitzGerald, released his second TV spot on Monday.

Behind in the last Quinnipiac Ohio Poll released last week, FitzGerald is doing slightly better than two months ago in which he trailed the nine-term congressman turned Wall Street banker and Fox News talkshow host by as many as 15 points. The Q-Poll showed Kasich leading FitzGerald 48 percent to 36 percent. In May Kasich held a 50-to-35 percent margin lead in the same poll.  A PPP poll released a few weeks ago showed FitzGerald trailing Kasich […]

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This past weekend we broke the story of John Kasich’s questionable appointment of Richard Hodges as director of the Ohio Department of Health.  By Ohio law, the position requires the appointee be a medical doctor, or at least have “significant experience in the public health profession.”   Hodges has neither, though he did update his LinkedIn page to include additional, dubious healthcare-related “experience” after our story was published.   We can only assume he stayed at a Holiday Inn Express the night before.

While Hodges résumé does not include any experience qualifying him to serve as the health department director, it does contain enough experience […]

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After over 400,000 people were without safe drinking water for over two days in one of Ohio’s largest cities, did anyone feel any better after Governor Kasich’s statement during his obligatory visit to Toledo: “What’s more important than water? Water’s about life.”

Plain, simple, true, and grossly misleading. Because those who know the facts of what is happening in Ohio can clearly see that Governor Kasich does not care about the water. What Kasich cares about is Kasich, getting re-elected, and pleasing his corporate sponsors to fulfill his political aspirations.

One doesn’t have to look too deeply to find the […]

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The Ohio Democratic Party’s endorsed candidate for Attorney General this year, David Pepper, announced fundraising totals Tuesday for the July Contribution Report.

The report shows Pepper continues to outraise previous successful challengers to sitting attorneys general, and outraised incumbent Republican Mike DeWine this report period by about $55,000. This stellar performance makes this the third fundraising report in which Pepper has outraised a powerhouse like DeWine, a former Lt. Gov. of Ohio and two-term US. Senator who Congressman Sherrod Brown beat in 2006 to become Ohio’s senior U.S. Senator.

“With nearly 4,000 contributors, our bipartisan fundraising strength continues to […]

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