On July 18th, 2014, Sara Marie Brenner, wife of Ohio State Representative Andrew Brenner, announced she was “taking a hiatus” from her right wing blog and radio program.  The announcement came in the form of an email sent to subscribers of her email newsletter.  The message, image-heavy with photos of Mrs. Brenner’s face, was sent using the Mad Mimi email marketing tool.  This week, the Brenners began using that same email list and marketing tool to promote and fundraise for Mr. Brenner’s campaign.

Ms. Brenner’s hiatus was announced a few days after Sara and Andrew got into a Twitter battle with well known conservative talk show host Dana Loesch and her husband Chris.  After spending over an hour exchanging 140 character messages about Glen Beck and immigration, State Rep Brenner phoned the private number of Loesch’s husband and “yelled at Chris,” according to one of Loesch’s tweets  .   And that’s when the crap really hit the fan. 

“BEYOND inappropriate and creepy,” wrote Loesch.  “Why is @andrewbrenner calling us on immigration?? How did he get out private number??”

Sara announced her exit from conservative blogging and radio show hosting shortly after.   According to the latest round of emails, her website now appears to be operated by a group called the Tavern Keepers. The Tavern Keepers continue to use Brenner’s email as well.

This is not the first time Sara and her husband have had problems with their over-the-top social media interactions.   Ms. Brenner’s well-known antics even spawned a parody Twitter account, @SaraMarieBummer, that aggressively mocks her for plagiarizing blog posts from other right wing bloggers, ruining her husband’s career, the many tax liens she owes on her businesses and, most recently, for her involvement in a supposed pyramid-scheme jewelry franchise.

The email address with which we subscribed to Ms. Brenner’s website and newsletter was unique and not used anywhere else.  So it’s clear that she provided her husband with the list for campaign marketing and fundraising use.   The only open question now is much he paid his wife for the list.  We look forward to Andy’s next campaign finance report so we can find out.

Examples of the Pre and Post emails are included below.


BrennerBriefHiatus BrennerCampaignEmail