John Patrick Carney – photo by John Michael Spinelli

The campaign of Rep. John Patrick Carney announced Tuesday that so far in his first attempt to run for a statewide office, Auditor of State, incumbent first-term Republican Auditor David Yost has been outraised for the fourth time.

Carney campaign coffers are more robust since mid-June by more than $206,000, and have a cash-on-hand balance exceeding $943,000, according to the Carney campaign. In this latest reporting period, Carney’s campaign raised $37,000 more than Yost, whose campaign reported about $169,000 raised.

“The numbers we were able to report today show just how hard John Patrick Carney and the entire campaign are working to show Ohioans that John is on their side,” Carney campaign Manager Brendan Kelley said. Support is growing every day, he said, offering the numbers as proof that what Rep. Carney wants to do is gaining traction. “We are ready to take on the final three months before Election Day and are well-positioned for victory.”

Last week the Ohio Fraternal Order of Police endorsed Rep. Carney. In a recent poll by Public Policy Polling, performed in mid-July, Carney is in a dead-heat race with Yost, whose two-point lead at the time was within the margin of error.

Carney’s campaign today notes that it outraised Yost in the crucial first three filing periods. So far, Rep. Carney, a health care attorney serving his third term in the Ohio House, has outraised Yost, a former county prosecutor who won office four years ago along with Gov. John Kasich. This makes four out of five times the upbeat House Member has out performed his GOP incumbent. Moreover, more than 90 percent of Carney campaign contributions came from Ohioans, and 60 percent of them made contributions of $100 or less.

Showing that his campaign built on transparency and accountability for how public resources are spent is gaining traction, the campaign drew a contrast with Yost’s campaign four years ago and Carney’s campaign this year. At this time four years ago, as Yost was running for an open seat when then GOP Auditor Mary Taylor accepted John Kasich’s offer to be his Lt. Governor running mate, he raised three times less money than Rep. Carney has at the same time in his campaign.

PPP found that that Rep. Carney was in a statistical tie with Yost, 42-40, with 17 percent not sure and women, 53-47 percent, prefer him to Yost. Today marks 90 days before Election Day, Tuesday Nov. 4.