How did you feel when you woke up Friday morning to learn from TV that the U.S. House had been taken over in a bloodless coup by a deranged Republican senator (!) from Texas?

Yep. Ted Cruz, he of the satanic smile and slitty eyes, emigrated into the House’s backyard, violating congressional courtesies simply because he could, to strip Speaker John Boehner of any claim to the leadership that comes with the territory. Drum roll, anybody?

Talk about fouling your own nest! The least he can do now is take away Boehner’s limo ride to Congressional Hill , golf clubs, and other perks and consign him to the Hall of Blame in the mess in what was once the Republican Party.

GOP_ELEPHANTCruz will tell you that there’s a humanitarian crisis down on the border, and then unmercifully whipsaw the right-wing herd into denying any initiative that would relieve a bit of the harm to the kids. They also passed an empty measure for show purposes that would immediately deport a half million immigrants,¬†including many who have lived and worked in the U.S.¬†for years. Can you imagine the costly initiatives to carry out such a horrific plan? The latest deportation turkey revived the dark memories of the Indian Removal Act in 1830 under Andrew Jackson that led to so much human suffering among native Americans.

Republican copycats in Ohio today – a couple of rural state reps – are planning to sponsor a bill that would prohibit the state from any agreement to accept federal money to cover temporary housing for the youngsters. (See Plunderbund) Rep, John Adams , of Sidney, Oh.,a furniture store owner, and Wes Retherford, a mortician’s assistant in Hamilton, are spreading fear that many of the young migrants are diseased gang members.

As for Cruz, he’s a maniacal peacock who sees himself as a patriotic entitlement.

Lost in Boehner’s abject surrender was President Bush’s fingerprint on this week’s rejected bi-partisan bill that Dubya signed in 2008 to grant fair treatment of migrant children.

Is there anything they won’t try to convey their hatred of Obama? Anything? Can we rule out racism from the party of Lincoln? (You don’t hear many discreet folks saying the R-Word. I just did.) Seldom a day passes that they don’t come up with something else, from the California drought to the fall of the House of Usher to lay on the president. It’s a bad joke, folks – a terribly grotesque and corrupt attempt by these hoodlums to define democracy.

Rep. Michele Bachmann, the Republican drama queen, is enjoying the dismal outcome with the usual photo-ops. So would P.T. Barnum.

Oh, did I mention that the mob left town for a five-week vacation?