From the daily archives: Saturday, August 2, 2014

How did you feel when you woke up Friday morning to learn from TV that the U.S. House had been taken over in a bloodless coup by a deranged Republican senator (!) from Texas?

Yep. Ted Cruz, he of the satanic smile and slitty eyes, emigrated into the House’s backyard, violating congressional courtesies simply because he could, to strip Speaker John Boehner of any claim to the leadership that comes with the territory. Drum roll, anybody?

Talk about fouling your own nest! The least he can do now is take away Boehner’s limo ride to Congressional Hill , golf clubs, […]

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It’s unclear if Kasich and his advisers are completely incompetent or so arrogant they think they don’t need to follow Ohio’s laws.   Either way, they just announced another illegal cabinet appointment.

On Friday afternoon Kasich released a statement saying he was going to appoint Rick Hodges as Director of the Ohio Department of Health.  Hodges, a former lawmaker, currently leads the Ohio Turnpike Commission.   Hodges will be replacing Dr. Ted Wymyslo… and that “Dr.” part is kind of important.

According to Ohio Revised Code 121.10:

The director of health shall be either:

(A) A physician holding the degree […]

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On June 13th, Ohio Republican Party Chairman Matt Borges sent out this tweet: “It’s time to come clean w family, friends & taxpayers. It will be better for you in the long run.”

That tweet, combined with other public records requested by the Republican Governors Association and others who have a stake in reelecting Gov. John Kasich this year, are at the heart of why Ed FitzGerald directly confronted Gov. Kasich today, asking him to come clean on knowing about what he called an “expedition to find dirt.” And if the governor says he doesn’t know about this kind of […]

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