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If The Toledo Blade ever had a thought about Gov. John R. Kasich or JobsOhio helping them out after they announced layoffs of 131 workers in late May, they can kiss that fantasy goodbye after an editorial Sunday blasted Ohio’s GOP governor and legislature for “their energy mess.”

Blade editor David Kushma didn’t mince words when it came to describing what Gov. Kasich did when he froze for two years Ohio’s renewable energy standards, which had won so much bipartisan support under former Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland, who by coincidence appeared today in print when he described living […]

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Middletown, Ohio sits on the border between Butler and Warren counties.   According to, Butler County has lost $31.6 million in local government funding thanks to Governor John Kasich’s budgets.  Warren County lost $15.2 million.   In Middletown, these cuts left the city struggling to find enough funding to pay for proper police and fire protection.

In 2012, when Kasich’s first budget went into effect, Middletown was able to obtain SAFER grants from the federal government to help cover the missing funds and avoid laying off firefighters.

Those grants run out this year and the city did not apply for more.  As a result, Full Story...

According to an AP story published Saturday, Ohio has seen “nearly 25,000 jobs lost in local government” since John Kasich has been governor of Ohio.  And “median incomes in Ohio have fallen about $7,000 over the past decade.”

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand why: Kasich has cut nearly $2 Billion in state funding to local governments in the past four years in order to fund lopsided tax breaks to his rich, millionaire friends.

These lost jobs are teachers, fire fighters and police officers; your friends, family and neighbors.

Meanwhile, Ohio’s job growth has lagged the U.S. average […]

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A statewide meeting organized by the Ohio Liberty Coalition drew about 300 people to a church in Lewis Center, Ohio, Saturday.  Speakers at the Reload 4 Liberty 2014!  event discussed the Heartbeat Bill, a Right to Work ballot initiative and a strategy for winning races they say are ripe for picking.  They also spoke on camera about Kasich, JobsOhio and RTW.

Ted Stevenot, who failed to qualify for the Republican primary ballot earlier this year, spoke about his precinct project. Stevenot has emerged as an activist who, despite his inability to challenge first-term incumbent Republican Gov. John R. Kasich in […]

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By the light of the silvery moon, John Boehner is said to have secretly hatched a plan to deflect growing criticism that his lawsuit against President Obama was costing taxpayers millions of dollars. The Republican Speaker, who presides over a GOP House caucus that has no moving parts, reportedly will cut the pay of court stenos and bailiffs 50 pct. and will pay the janitors nothing. Party insiders say he will announce his bold plan in his keynote speech at an event honoring Ayn Rand at the Koch Brothers’ tax-free private estate on one of their French Alps.

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The ever growing list of problems with recently-privatized food service at Ohio’s prisons should come as no surprise to anyone.  Back in 2001 the same vendor, Aramark, was tasked with feeding inmates at the Noble Correctional Institution.  An audit conducted by then-State Auditor Jim Petro revealed that Aramark failed multiple sanitary inspections and was unable to provide acceptable portion sizes as agreed upon in the contract.  Aramark ended up billing the state for millions of meals it never actually served resulting in $2 Million in over payments being made to the company.  Food service was eventually turned back over […]

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When the late Chuck Noll, the iconic coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers, was once asked why he called for an onside kick that had failed in the team’s loss, he crisply replied that winning football games do not depend on geography.

Ah, but Atty. General Mike DeWine,whose trained seals are in a defensive mode these days, do think geography is quite important in awarding debt collection work to companies with little or no experience in return for generous campaign contributions.

The AG’s spokesman, Dan Tierney, put it in a way that only a few people could understand by saying the […]

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Yesterday we wrote about the BWC settlement and how David Brennan’s law firm, Brennan, Manna & Diamond, had been paid over $4.5 Million so far to handle the case.   The unbid contract was awarded to Brennan by Mike DeWine, who went to controlling board multiple times to get approval for  the 11 payments ranging from $65,000 to $700,000 over a three year period.

And if we’ve learned anything from the ever-growing pay to play scandal involving AG’s office, law firms don’t get huge unbid contracts from DeWine unless they are huge campaign donors.   Brennan, Manna & Diamond are no […]

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Didn’t get into the Arshinkoff/Spitalieri/DeWine Bermuda Triangle in the preceding post.  Saving the best for last. In assessing the Ohio attorney general’s magical powers of choosing the ablest private firms for his collections agency, legal experience can be trumped by political contributions.

As the Dayton Daily News reported, a veteran debt collections agency that had worked with five previous attorneys general was bypassed in the awarding of lucrative work to a company that was formed only two days before DeWine set out to take care of his contributors. He chose, instead, CELCO, bossed by Pete Spitalieri, the Hudson guy […]

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The Dayton Daily News investigative report on Atty. Gen. Mike DeWine’s elaborate campaign fund-raising scheme widened the narrative of the AG’s money machine by mentioning Summit County Republican chairman and lobbyist Alex Arshinkoff as one of the varsity enablers. Who knew?

Still, it shouldn’t surprise anyone. Arshinkoff has long – and I mean long – prided himself in his ability to lay piles of campaign money at the doorstep of this GOP pol or that one. The rule of politics Alex once breezily said, “is all about money.” He so impressed DeWine that he once served as the AG’s […]

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Vice President Joe Biden was in Cincinnati Thursday morning to deliver remarks to the National Urban League’s Annual Conference held at the Duke Energy Convention Center in downtown Cincinnati through Sunday. The vice president arrived Wednesday evening following a speech he delivered in Las Vegas, Nevada, the day before to the NACCP National Convention and at a rally for Congressional candidate Erin Bilbray .

Vice President Biden delivered remarks to an audience hungry for his message: Let’s invest in infrastructure and a skilled workforce. Always a little quirky and maybe a little unscripted. the silver-haired former Senator […]

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