According to an AP story published Saturday, Ohio has seen “nearly 25,000 jobs lost in local government” since John Kasich has been governor of Ohio.  And “median incomes in Ohio have fallen about $7,000 over the past decade.”

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand why: Kasich has cut nearly $2 Billion in state funding to local governments in the past four years in order to fund lopsided tax breaks to his rich, millionaire friends.

These lost jobs are teachers, fire fighters and police officers; your friends, family and neighbors.

Meanwhile, Ohio’s job growth has lagged the U.S. average for almost 20 months in a row.  And while the U.S. has regained all of the jobs it lost during the great recession, economists calculate that Ohio is still down 139,900 jobs from our pre-recession peak.




  • dmoore2222

    I know to republicans this seems to be a good thing UNTIL they need services that were provided by these workers. But rather than admit they threw the baby out with the bathwater, so to speak, they’ll look around for someone else to blame. Cut teaching staff in schools then complain about class sizes being to large, cut road repair funding then complain about pot holes, cut firefighters then complain about long response times, etc. These are people who fail to see anything larger than their own front yard.

  • wetsu

    I have mixed feelings about how best to use this information. While I agree that it is tragic there are plenty of people (a.k.a. voters) who would view this news as a positive for the governor. We need to be careful how this statistic is presented and to whom it is distributed.

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