Didn’t get into the Arshinkoff/Spitalieri/DeWine Bermuda Triangle in the preceding post.  Saving the best for last. In assessing the Ohio attorney general’s magical powers of choosing the ablest private firms for his collections agency, legal experience can be trumped by political contributions.

As the Dayton Daily News reported, a veteran debt collections agency that had worked with five previous attorneys general was bypassed in the awarding of lucrative work to a company that was formed only two days before DeWine set out to take care of his contributors. He chose, instead, CELCO, bossed by Pete Spitalieri, the Hudson guy who was channeled into DeWine’s world by Summit County Republican chairman Alex Arshinkoff, who has long enjoyed Spitalieri’s generous contributions to Team Arshinkoff ($23,000).

That ain’t the end of this, Folks. The Daily News reported that CELCO’s proposal to win the job “acknowledged the company had no experience handling collections accounts.”

Got that? Unqualified.

Although DeWine has engaged in mental jujitsu to dodge the issue, one of his spokesman said the winning firm was determined by “points” assigned to each supplicant. With Arshinkoff doubtless adding them up on his special pocket calculator.