Mike Gonidakis, lobbyist, president of ORTL, and member of the Ohio Medical Board

Mike Gonidakis is the head of the anti-abortion group Ohio Right to Life.  He’s also a lobbyist for at least three law firms actively seeking business with the Ohio Attorney General’s office.   He’s also, thanks to John Kasich, a member of the Ohio Medical Board.

As we recently reported, Gonidakis was one of the special few granted special access by Mike DeWine.  “We need to meet in re gonadakis,” wrote AG DeWine in an email to his staff a few months after taking office.  “He says security firm does have extensive experience.  Please schedule time next week to look at all this.”   A meeting was quickly scheduled for the following week to discuss giving work to one of Gonidakis’s clients.  Gonidakis has see a ten-fold increase in lobbying clients since DeWine took office.

Gonidakis was also appointed to the Ohio Medical Board last year by Governor Kasich.

Yesterday, Gonidakis’s Ohio Right to Life announced they were endorsing DeWine and Kasich.

Business as usual for Gonidakis and the Ohio GOP.

UPDATE:  A reader also points out that Ohio Right to Life under Gonidakis was the only conservative group in Ohio to endorse John Kasich’s expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.