New polling from Public Policy Polling (PPP) shows one Democratic statewide candidate leading, and most within a few points of the incumbent Republicans they are trying to oust.

In a PPP poll released today by the Ohio Democratic Party, Connie Pillich leads Josh Mandel in the race for Ohio Treasurer 46% to 43%, with 11% undecided.   Pillich holds decisive leads with women and across all age groups except those 65 and older.   The other races show similar demographic preferences, with Republicans securing the old white male vote, and Democrats winning with younger, female and African American voters.

In the Governor’s race poll, John Kasich earns 45%, leading Ed FitzGerald by a single point (44%).   11% are still undecided.

John Patrick Carney is only down 2 points against Yost in the race for Ohio Auditor, with Carney pulling 40%, Yost at 42% and a whopping 17% undecided.

In the race for Secretary of State, Nina Turner picks up 42% vs John Husted’s 45%.   13% are still undecided.