On Wednesday, John Kasich was taken on a short fishing trip on Lake Erie.   According to the Blade, Kasich showed up at the boat dock around noon, a great time for getting a photo op in the afternoon sun, but probably the worst time to head out on the lake if you actually want to catch any respectable type of fish.   Not surprisingly, the governor didn’t catch any walleye or perch, but he did bring up a couple of sheephead, considered by many to be Lake Erie’s premier trash fish.

John’s crack media team was quick to post a photo on Facebook of master fisherman Kasich reeling in his big catch.   The photo drew lots of hilarious comments about the type of fish as well as his choice of fishing attire.    The best ten are included below.





Vito Boscaino: Could you at least dress like you were going fishing. Nothing like a forced photo op…..

Robert Easton: Couple things here. Change the clothes and throw the sheep head back. Other than that I hope you had fun.

Mandy Gwirtz: Nice outfit. I support you on most things but you look ridiculous.

Michael Neal: Should have went golfing with obama again….rino

Gary Stieber: Who fishes in an oxford shirt?

Richard Roth: That’s the first thing I thought too. I get a “photo-op” but dress for the occasion….Unless you’re Michael Dukakis!

David P. Elias II: You can go ahead and throw that nasty governor fish!

Gary Stieber: Look closely you can see the scuba divers

Kevin Spencer Squirreldogs: Gov John You are the best thing we’ve had in Ohio in a LONG time. But next time I would wait for the photo to show a nice Lake Erie walleye. Not a sheephead! I sang for you in Mansfield before your election. I sang “God Bless America Again” and I brought you to the stage when I said and God Bless John Kasich!!

Jim Stavropulos Sorry Gov, that’s a photo op… Good try. You’re still doing well though.

Alan Slocum Give ’em Hell, John… and get some feeshin’ clothes!