KristolYou remember William Kristol, don’t you? Of course. How could anybody forget his smarmy smile in promoting George Bush’s invasion of Iraq? Just in case you’ve driven him from your memory of that scandalous moment in U.S. history, he’s back – thanks to the magical restorative powers of national TV.

He wants us back on the ground in Iraq! He said on ABC’s This Week that, let me get this straight, Iraq is a “disaster for our country” – leaving no doubt that he was aiming his slingshot directly at President Obama. You can only do that when you are a shameless Neocon on the Radical Wrong who always manages to find the breach in the Bullshit filter. . .

Speaking of conflicts, no pundit has been more in conflict with the facts than Kristol. The New York Times finally removed him as an op-ed analyst after so many errors in his columns. For me, his greatest travesty arrived with his choice of Sarah Palin as John McCain’s running mate. (There’s that half-grin again.)

So it can be fairly asked how TV finds valuable room for him on the talk show panels. There’s only one upside to this: With his track record, our good fortune that he never decided to be a surgeon.