Figuring, as only he can, that the best defense against critics is an awful offense,  Treasurer  Josh Mandel is playing his victimhood card as a fund-raiser.  In his email money requests, Republican Mandel refers to himself as a “principled conservative” with a “target on my back”.  In a stretch for sympathy dollars, Mandel says “outside spending groups are already slinging mud at me.”

Think he’ll have more to say about it when he testifies in the Ben Suarez money laundering trial about why he intervened on Suarez’s behalf by threatening to sue California?  Only on a matter of principle?

  • Think.

    Mandel may be a “principled conservative,” but greed, dishonesty, and delusions of grandeur are not considered positive principles.

  • missskeptic

    In this case, I would say he’s exactly right – most conservatives have the same principles of breaking the law to obtain more money.

  • campaigningonstatetime

    I happened to get called for one of the so called “town hall” meetings with Mr. Mandel. last night. He seems to be campaigning on these things. You would think that he would take questions and answer them, but he starts out by making a statement about what he has achieved in office and that his plan is to cut property taxes for seniors. His only other claim was to have saved $100k a year because someone was “supposedly” going to Cleveland to deposit money because “that is the way it always has been done.” I call BS, that sounds like a story you would only tell in a campaign speech and I can find no reference to any official news story about this claim, only references from GOP run or campaign web sites.

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