Back in Dec. 2011, the conservative Columbus Dispatch said of Ohio Lt. Gov/Insurance director that “she makes no secret of her contempt for the federal health care law.” In her own words:

“I will do everything I can to protect Ohio’s citizens and job creators from this catastrophic law.” People born in Johnstown, Pa., (me) attach a somewhat different meaning to catastrophes. The great floods, for example.

So determined was Taylor to block (as did Ohio Att. Gen. Mike DeWine) the law, she returned a cool $1 million federal grant obtained by former Gov. Ted Strickland to set up the health insurance exchanges required by the law. At the time, she told the unquestioning Dispatch that she was just doing her job.

That was before the U.S.Supreme Court ruled that the law was constitutional.

Gov. Kasich also would have you believe that he, too, was only doing his job by shifting the label to what he called “‘Hillarycare”, not entirely his way of blessing the potential Democratic presidential nominee. But we should try to remember that as a congressman in the mid-1990s, he supported universal health care. (We should be prepared to hear the invention of more Hillarywords by her frantic Republican opponents, say, Hillarygays, Hillaryabortions and Hillarytaxes.)

What is it about Mary Taylor that she has yet to learn of the Supreme Court’s ruling as Obamacare rises in public acceptance? Or that the health care law is getting healthier each day?

To many Ohioans, Taylor doubtless remains a cypher, the required lieutenant governor attachment to the governor’s office. It’s improbable that Kasich, a guy of masculine chutzpah, calls her for an opinion, particularly on that day when he announced he was expanding medicaid under Obamacare!

Now, Taylor is caught up in another political downsider, the resignations of her chief of staff and the latter’s assistant for not giving the full measure of their hours to official state business.

If only briefly, it could detract from Taylor’s ferocity in attacking Obamacare – or for that matter, Kasichcare. Or whatever.