Republican Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor’s chief of staff and her administrative assistant resigned today after a record request from Plunderbund revealed that Laura Johnson and her assistant Heather Brandt had been billing the state for hours they were not working.

The Associated Press released their story about the resignation at 2:36 PM today.   The Ohio Department of Administrative Services finally released the records to us 2:40 PM, four minutes after the story was published online.

Plunderbund filed the request after receiving a tip that Johnson and Brandt had been stealing state time, working on John Kasich’s reelection campaign while being paid by the state.

Links to the requested records can be found below:





  • carrieee4

    You go Plunderbound! I am going to think no matter what it is because you asked for the disclosures that the resignation happened!

  • amyvav

    Ditto! Very cool, indeed!

  • Ann Vance

    Interesting the implication here that didn’t quite make the Dispatch story.

  • jr6020

    Gee, this sounds like the situation in Wis where some of Governor Walker’s staff was caught working on campaign stuff on state time while he was a county executive. Walker appears to have escaped any liability (so far). Will Kasich escape too?

  • Oboru

    Now get Fitzgerald to release his records of when he was at his county office, which he refuses to release. But he is a dem. so he gets a pass.

  • rayy

    The press doesn’t seem to have the guts to ask Kasich if he knew about it.

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