Last week the Taliban released Bowe Bergdahl, an Idaho native and sergeant in the United State Army.  He had been their prisoner for five years.  The release was negotiated by the Obama Administration in exchange for the transfer of five Taliban-associated prisoners from Guantanamo Bay to Qatar, where they will be held in custody for at least another year.

Initial responses from politicians on both sides of the aisle were very positive.  Ohio Congressman Jim Renacci, for example, tweeted: “So glad to hear that Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is coming home safely. He’s a true American hero”.

But it didn’t take long for Fox News and the Republican noise machine to get a hold of the story.  And pretty soon this “true American hero” was being called a traitor and a deserter and a terrorist by the same people who had been urging President Obama to find a way to secure his release.

Renacci, whose toes are always the biggest and most eager to land on the party line, quickly tried to cover his tracks by deleting his original Bergdahl tweet and replacing it with a tweet about Obamacare.

Whew!  Crisis averted.

Except… Politwoops actually captured the deleted tweet:



Not surprisingly, Kasich’s crack team of Twitter jockeys also screwed up the Bergdahl story.  And, like a lot of things back in the early days of the Kasich Administration, this also-deleted tweet from 2012 was unnecessarily religious and completely and totally incorrect:


Bergdahl is from Idaho.  Not Ohio.

Then again, Kasich is from Pennsylvania.


ht to unclepg for the tip.



  • DublinIrishBob

    Perhaps these clowns should take some time to learn what a server is? You can’t hide anymore, guys.

  • Red Rover

    That’s just hilarious! The ineptitude and pandering is mind-blowing.

  • Think.

    They certainly are obedient in following their master’s orders. Why don’t they listen to their constituents?

  • Stephen Beard

    Ranacci’s tweet would have been fine as is. Just take away the second sentence. Don’t know about anybody else, but I up to here (hand a foot over my head) with politicians referring to ordinary soldiers as “hero.” As for Kasich, I’d say his sense of geography is a little suspect. Bergdahl lived in Idaho, not Ohio.

  • DublinIrishBob

    Well, both states end with the letter o.

  • Stephen Beard

    And there the resemblance ends.

  • walter59

    not only is Kasich from Pennsylvania…republican tea party grifter, Medicare/Medicaid fraudster and tax cheat Jim Renacci is from New Jersey

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