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If you’ve been following us regularly, you’re aware that Senate Bill 229 was created to make some small and reasonable tweaks to Ohio’s Teacher Evaluation System (OTES).  The Senate adopted the bill unanimously, but the House Education Committee failed to follow suit and “hijacked” the bill, transforming it into a sweeping overhaul of the system despite the fact that the House Education Committee Chair, Gerald Stebelton, questioned why any changes were being proposed.

At this time, Senate Bill 229 appears to be dead in the House.  Thanks to the efforts of educators […]

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You’ve probably seen him here and there on TV with his oddly shaped sideburns pointing at you like a couple of deadly spears aimed at your brain. I refer to Matt Kibbe, the one percenter who is president and CEO of FreedomWorks, the arsenal for outrage that America has been ripped from the little guys by a menacing dictatorial government.

Indeed, Kibbe, whose published base salary was $469,897 in 2012 and arguably more today while swelled by book sales and perks, is hardly the do-gooder you would expect to be crying out for the welfare of people like you […]

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Last week, the House Education Committee received hundreds of pages of testimony opposing their version of Senate Bill 229.  They introduced a new substitute bill on Wednesday, May 14, before the testimony was considered, but the bill is still exceedingly more complex and convoluted than the Senate-passed version of the bill.  In the testimony, educators from across Ohio urged the committee to revert back to the simple and reasonable modifications that the Senate’s version would put into place.

On that same day, the Senate Education Committee met to hear testimony on House Bill 487, the […]

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Bruce Nottke, an Athens City School Board member, sent the following letter to nearly every public school superintendent in Ohio. We thought it was worth sharing!


Fellow Educators,

My name is Bruce Nottke and I am a board member for the Athens City Schools. I am writing to you in regards to my growing concerns about charter schools. My concerns rest not only with the loss of dollars to public schools, but more importantly with the poor quality of education our students receive from many of the charter schools currently operating in Ohio. The businesses that operate most of […]

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The old turd blossom is back, nose deep in the fetid trough. That’s the term, you may recall, that his buddy George W. Bush, lovingly bestowed upon Karl Rove, who is officially called a Republican strategist and, beyond that, “Bush’s Brain”.

You would have thought that Rove would have slinked off into the darkest corners of the globe after his meltdown on Fox News on election night, 2012. That’s when he insisted Mitt Romney would carry Ohio even as the Foxies were calling the state for Barack Obama. Not easily foiled, he asserted that the Fox projections were dead […]

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The Columbus Dispatch’s bromance with Gov. John Kasich is obvious. At least to those reading the paper’s coverage of him.

But there are now reports that some member or members of the Wolfe family empire are among the secret, early investors in DriveCapital, that questionable venture capital firm launched by Kasich’s pals that got off the ground with $50 million from Ohio State’s investment office.

The Wolfe family owns the Columbus Dispatch, WBNS TV, Columbus Alive, WBNS radio and bought, then closed, the Other Paper.

Drive Capital co-founder Mark Kvamme began discussing the fund with OSU administrators, including close friend […]

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The Republican Party held the White House from 1968 to 1976. After four years of Jimmy Carter, they again held the White House from 1980 till 1992. That’s twenty of twenty-four years. From Nixon to Bush the Elder, the Republican Party developed the idea they were entitled to exclusive possession of the presidency. So, when a Democrat from Arkansas was elected in 1992, the collective heads of Republicans exploded.

How dare the electorate not elect a Republican? There must be nefarious actions afoot. Thus we saw the birth of a new de facto GOP policy, the refusal to accept election […]

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It’s always a special occasion when Haley Barbour, the last of the authentic southern Good ol’ Boys, turns up at a Republican event up north. As he did Saturday night as the keynote speaker at the GOP state dinner in Columbus. From the standpoint of easy humor, Barbour is a kind of Ronald Reagan with jowls. I have close-up memories.

This time, he needed all that he could muster with feel-good circumspect as he bounded into a state where the two top Republicans are being generously touted by their handlers as potential presidential candidates in 2016. From the report I […]

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As John Kasich has started rolling out campaign ads detailing his personal life, we felt the need to produce a more policy-centered campaign video for the Governor titled “Education”.

It’s not personal, Governor, it’s business.


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Just over 160 years ago the delegates to the Constitutional Convention of 1850-1851 faced a serious question regarding the public common school system.  Should the convention adopt a provision to require the legislature to develop and maintain a high quality common school system or leave the prospect of public education to the sole discretion of the legislature?  After prolonged and vigorous debate, the Convention approved the provision that requires the General Assembly to secure a thorough and efficient system of common schools.

The thorough and efficient standard was adopted to protect school children from substandard or non-existent educational programming.  It […]

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I’m beginning to feel that unless I run for president, my new novel will never get published. That occurred to me again this week when I read a blurb that Rick Santorum will be hustling his latest book in Fairlawn on Friday at an Ohio Christian Alliance luncheon. It’s another stop along his campaigning book tour in Ohio.

As you may be well aware, Santorum is a multitasking Republican political preacher who has warned that America will be destroyed by a hellish revolution if we misfits don’t mend our ways. As a professed expert in the field of salvation […]

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