You’ve probably seen him here and there on TV with his oddly shaped sideburns pointing at you like a couple of deadly spears aimed at your brain. I refer to Matt Kibbe, the one percenter who is president and CEO of FreedomWorks, the arsenal for outrage that America has been ripped from the little guys by a menacing dictatorial government.

Kibbe_BurnsIndeed, Kibbe, whose published base salary was $469,897 in 2012 and arguably more today while swelled by book sales and perks, is hardly the do-gooder you would expect to be crying out for the welfare of people like you and me. Like the Palens, Cruzes and Bachmanns, he seeks “liberty” for all of us, at least those who aren’t commies and socialists, and by all means liberal Democrats. .

Kibbe has even written his own “manifesto” for the Tea Party on how to level the playing field for the oppressed. And his gang, generously supported by the Koch brothers, will be a player in the elections in the fall . Soon thereafter, on to the presidential ballot two years later.

But there may be some good news in all of this. Despite the ferocity of the attacks on Obama in 2008 and 2012, and the millions spent by the billionaire Kochs and others against Obamacare, Obama was elected twice, and the Affordable Care Act is on the books for some 8 million Americans.

At the same time, there are reports that the Tea Partiers were not all that thrilled by some of the results of this year’s primary elections to date and are fussing among themselves. The scientists studying the loss of honey bees might explain it as “colony collapse disorder”.

As for the GOP, Fox News’ Neil Cavuto restlessly scorched the party with a call for it to “get of your ass” and “man up.” Not sure what that means. For the Foxy folks, there’s never enough.

Finally, about Matt Kibbe: If you’ve lost your liberty under an iron-fisted government, Matt, isn’t it fair to wonder how a guy with ominous sideburns ended up with a half-milion bucks in your piggy bank?