Bruce Nottke, an Athens City School Board member, sent the following letter to nearly every public school superintendent in Ohio. We thought it was worth sharing!


Fellow Educators,

My name is Bruce Nottke and I am a board member for the Athens City Schools. I am writing to you in regards to my growing concerns about charter schools. My concerns rest not only with the loss of dollars to public schools, but more importantly with the poor quality of education our students receive from many of the charter schools currently operating in Ohio. The businesses that operate most of the charter school programs clearly have little interest in student achievement, with their primary focus being to make a profit.

I strongly believe that while school administrators understand the dire situation, the typical Ohio taxpayer does not know about or does not fully understand how private businesses are operating charter schools for monetary gain while offering what is often a sub-par educational experience to our children. I believe we, as representatives of the children of Ohio, must make a greater effort to inform the citizens in each of our communities about the issue of charter schools, how their existence drains money from the local public schools, and the fact that charter schools are often less effective in educating our children.

The purpose of this letter is that I would like to encourage each Superintendent and Board Member to sign up for the Coalition for Equity and Adequacy mailing list by sending a request to the following e-mail address: The E&A provides frequent, well written pieces that are intended to inform school personnel and local citizens about issues related to school funding, including the specific concerns with the charter school movement. After signing up for the E&A Listserv, please forward the e-mail notices to your respective local newspapers and members of your communities so that taxpayers can see how our tax money is being wasted on continuing to fund the failed experiment of charter schools. I strongly believe that if more taxpayers know the truth about charter schools in Ohio, they may be motivated to join together to change the conversation at the Statehouse as it relates to charter school legislation.

I am hopeful that every Superintendent and Board Member in Ohio will be willing to band together so we can make a change for the better for public education. Please accept my invitation to clearly communicate about this important issue to members of your community. Thank you in advance for considering my request.


Bruce Nottke
Athens City School Board