The old turd blossom is back, nose deep in the fetid trough. That’s the term, you may recall, that his buddy George W. Bush, lovingly bestowed upon Karl Rove, who is officially called a Republican strategist and, beyond that, “Bush’s Brain”.

RoveYou would have thought that Rove would have slinked off into the darkest corners of the globe after his meltdown on Fox News on election night, 2012. That’s when he insisted Mitt Romney would carry Ohio even as the Foxies were calling the state for Barack Obama. Not easily foiled, he asserted that the Fox projections were dead wrong. After all, in the final days of the campaign, Rove had predicted in the Wall Street Journal with poetic chutzpah , “Sometime after the cock crows on the morning of Nov. 7, Mitt Romney will be declared America’s 45th president”. You have your credibility as a turd blossom to think about.

There were reports that Fox gorilla Roger Ailes sent down an order that from that moment on, Rove should make himself scarce around the TV studio.

But driven by his own empowerment, Rove has crashed the political media scene again by saying ugly things about Hillary Clinton, whose mere name is driving Planet GOP batty these days. Rove strongly suggested that Hillary might have brain damage from a fall that kept her in the hospital for “30 days”. Actually it was three days, but Rove is not one question his own profundity. He also suggested that as proof, she was wearing the sort of dark glasses that are worn by people with damaged brains. But as numerous sources pointed out in horror at his loose talk, she’s been wearing such corrected glasses for years.

So what we have here, folks, is a puffy out-of-control liar who will be on the sound track of the fringe that will be setting the tone of the 2016 presidential campaign. It wouldn’t be surprising if there are brokers out there who are advising clients to invest in what will become America’s new growth industry – garbage hauling. Unfortunately we will all be the worse for his turd tracks.