As criticism grows over the Republican Party’s stonewall opposition to increasing the minimum wage, consultants to the Ohio Republican Party are said to be advising party leaders to urge the maximum wage contributors to the GOP’s fund-raising bash in Columbus Saturday to tip the servers generously, even those few dinner guests and lobbyists who aren’t on expense accounts. “We know we’ll be hurting attendance at the area country clubs that night, but we do feel we have an obligation to save face with much larger tips,” a party leader explained.

  • missskeptic

    In other words, don’t get caught on camera bashing working people like Mitt Romney did. What a bunch of creeps if they have to be reminded to leave a decent tip for servers. We never leave less than 20%, and we don’t need a reminder to treat people like human beings.

  • john curry

    Well said, misskeptic!

  • Patriot1212

    Will the SEIU union thugs be collecting at the door for the tips. They have a way to intimidate you.

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