When former Ohio Rep. Steve LaTourette arrived in Akron recently for a luncheon talk sponsored by the Akron Press Club and Bliss Instititute he recounted his frustration with trying to get anything done against the right-wing Tea Party fringe contrrolling the fate of most legislation.

They represent 40 or more House members who come to the office each day, vote no, and go home praising themselves for a job well done. It was left to the memory of Groucho Marx to describe such heinous resistance: “Whatever it is, I’m against it.”

latouretteLaTourette faulted the Republican Party for failing to invite minorities, women, gays and others to come aboard. And as a reputed moderate Republican from Lake County, he decided to give up his seat in 2012 after 18 years in the House. He is now pacing a group, Main Street Partnership, which is supporting GOP moderates against the sweep of Tea Party insanity. While a noble cause, it does seem to be an attempt to build a sand castle in a windstorm.

LaTourette has also had nice things to say about his Republican successor, Rep. David Joyce, who is being challenged in the GOP primary. Here, we have shadings of where moderation ends and the ancient GOP texts arise again. For example, Joyce has put out campaign ads saying he wants to cut taxes and repeal Obamacare. And ,of course, he wants the voters to know that he opposes abortion while favoring family, guns and prayers. the Plain Dealer noted in endorsing him.

The paper had little choice against Joyce’s Tea Party primary opponent, State Rep. Matt Lynch. It described Joyce, the former Geauga County Prosecutor, as “less combative.”

But there’s nothing in Joyce’s campaign spiel to suggest that he is a…um… moderate..

Eliminate Lynch from the equation, and you still have a garden variety version of a modern Republican conservative that’s not likely change much of the resistance movement in Congress.



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  • MikeInOhio

    Earth to Steve LaTourette……The GOP you think you can help resuscitate has been dead for years. It’s not coming back. There was a time when it was capable of pushing back against the severe rightward lurch. But your cohorts were much too busy at that time making short term political hay, while also feeding the very monster that would eventually devour them. They had an opportunity to stand up against all of this as incompatible with core GOP principles, but they chose instead to jump on the bandwagon and help pull the party toward the abyss of insanity. So now, here you are. Without a political home and maniacally attempting CPR on a dead and rotting corpse. Give it up, man. There is only on place you have left to go, where there is a modicum of sanity. The choice is up to you. Your GOP is dead. Just let it go.

  • SlapFat

    For years LaTourette never seemed to come off as a so-called “moderate” to me ever since I watched this video of him: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FE_0UdjElNQ

    After taking a closer look at his voting record he really was just a guy that was good at portraying himself as this reasoned, middle-of-the-road Republican when he was really an irritable rube with complacent constituents. LaTourette was, ultimately, a hypocrite.

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