John Kasich released his first 2014 campaign commercial on Tuesday called “Deliver”.  The 60-second ad has been running on TV across Ohio over the past week and can be found on Youtube (see below).  I’ve watched it numerous times over the past few days and it has me completely stumped.

John Kasich is the sitting Governor and should be making a case for why Ohioans should be re-electing him, right? Given that starting position, shouldn’t he start by beginning to share all of the positive things he’s done for the state during his first term?  Think about it this way — if I had to make a case to my boss about why I should receive a new four-year contract to continue my work, I’d talk about the positive impact I’d had on the company and why my work has been so valuable.  I’d spend my time making a case about why I should be re-hired, wouldn’t you?

Kasich doesn’t do this in his commercial.  Instead, John Kasich spends time “introducing himself” to Ohioans as though he’s running for the first time and has no work history as Governor.  Why?

Because he doesn’t want to talk about his term and be held accountable for his actions.  In producing a commercial where he is essentially re-introducing himself to Ohio voters, Kasich apparently wants a fresh start — one where he is distancing himself from his time as Ohio’s governor in an attempt to mend fences with all those he has alienated.

In the commercial he once again talks about his hard-working father who was a mail carrier and his grandfather who worked in a coal mine — apparent attempts to connect with the hard-working Ohioans who he has expressed disdain for during his term as governor (Senate Bill 5, anyone?).  Kasich wants us to forget how he has shifted the tax burden on to the backs of working-class Ohioans as he tries in this commercial to ally himself with us — we won’t fall for it.

Friends, John Kasich is not a working-class Ohioan.  His grandfather and father may have been dedicated blue collar workers, but Kasich has forgotten those roots and his actions as Ohio’s governor make it clear that he’d willingly drive his bus right over his ancestors.

If any of us was running to get re-elected as Ohio’s governor and if we were proud of our accomplishments, we’d be shouting from the hilltops about all we’ve done to help Ohioans during our time in office.  The fact that Kasich is silent about this during his opening salvo in the 2014 campaign season is, in fact, deafening. Kasich has done nothing for working-class Ohioans and therefore has nothing to shout about.  Instead, Kasich is trying to ignore his first term policies as though we’ve been asleep since he came into office in 2011.

I haven’t been sleeping, have you?