In case you missed it, our friend Jill Miller Zimon is running for state rep in Ohio’s 12th district against incumbent Democrat John E. Barnes Jr.

In the past few weeks, Jill has picked up a long list of endorsements that includes: the Ohio Democratic Party, the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party, the Ohio Education Association, NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio, the Ohio AFL-CIO and dozens of other important individuals and organizations.   You can check out Jill’s campaign website for the most recent list.

Mr. Barnes’ website does not appear to be active, so the only actual endorsement we have been able to confirm for him came from the ever-relevant Cleveland Plain Dealer Editorial Board – the same group that endorsed John Kasich in 2010 –  in a story posted to the PD’s website on Wednesday around 6PM.    We were also told he may have been endorsed by a local Democratic club in Bedford, but we haven’t been able to confirm this.

Still, Barnes’ campaign has spent weeks posting signs claiming he is the “Endorsed Democrat.”  

We think this claim should come with a warning:  “statements on this sign are not as honest as they appear.”




  • rhetorical

    Just in time for the SCOTUS case on whether it is constitutional for Ohio to outlaw lies in political campaigns.

  • Bruce K

    Well I suppose it will be ok since it doesn’t say ‘The’ endorsed democrat. Come on dems, we have no time for public infighting.

  • anastasjoy

    Laughably, he is now the endorsed Democrat by the Plain Dealer, which appears enchanted by the fact that he votes Republican, even though it’s not like the Republicans need more votes since they are disproportionately overrepresented. The PD’s current endorsements are so wacky they appear to have lost their minds. They are actually pushing to make the state legislature even MORE conservative.

  • Guest

    I can save the reasons for another day, but I want to confine myself to facts here. I attended both the Bedford Democratic Party caucus, which endorsed Representative Barnes, and the Cuyahoga County Executive Committee meeting on February 1, which did NOT endorse a candidate in HD 12.

  • Bill Lavezzi

    I’ll provide some facts here and save argument for another day. I attended both the Bedford Democratic Party caucus (which endorsed Representative Barnes) and the Cuyahoga County Executive Committee meeting on February 1, which did NOT vote to endorse a candidate in HD 12. The Ohio Democrats endorsement is strictly a state action.

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