Good grief! The rollout of the Kasich TV ads have crashed into my viewing pleasure and I’m not sure I’m ready for it. Here’s a guy who needs no introduction who will spend millions re-introducing himself to Ohio voters simply because he can. He needn’t worry about the origin of the millions after calling upon God to bless billionaire casino elephant Sheldon Adelson.

The theme won’t surprise anyone. It will largely dwell on a slightly altered old Broadway hit, “There’s no business like my show business” as he sets out again to let the good times roll in Buckeyeland.

For months we will be told of the good economic stats of how the state has risen from the alleged ashes of the Obama administration to soaring prosperity during the governor’s first term. What you won’t hear is that for 15 consecutive months Ohio job growth has lagged behind the national average. Nor that as with all of the other states, Ohio has been slowly recovering from the Bush recession.

I told you I’m not sure I’m ready for it after a long hard winter. Besides, I much prefer Ethel Merman’s version.